2012 Open Challenge

On 15 September 2012 the KZN Combine is hosting the Open Challenge Race, a really a special event where hundreds of pigeons will be competing against each other. Tickets have been sold to the public, each ticket for a specific pigeon which will be trained and flown by allocated pigeon fanciers from the KZN Combine.

This prize money for the race is as follows:

1st Prize

R 28,000

2nd prize

R 8,000

3rd prize

R 5,000

4th prize

R 3,000

5th prize

R 1,000

Breeder's prize

R 5,000

Please find below the lists of tickets sold, to whom they were sold, the fanciers racing the pigeons and the details of the pigeons that will be racing - for download from this web site.  The list will be updated from time to time and a final list made available on Friday 14 September 2012.

Parklane SuperSpar Open Challenge Info Document 

Last Update Date:
14 September 2012 22:00

PLEASE NOTE: These are still PROVISIONAL lists available for download.

To see the results for the Open Challenge Races, please click here.

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