The KZN Combine race programme for 2018 will be made available to view and print from this web site - 2 versions are available, one in the form of an Excel spreadsheet and another in the form of a PDF-document (this version can only be viewed if you have Adobe Reader installed on your PC). Please click on the relevant button below.

KZN Combine Racing Programme - MS Excel
KZN Combine Racing Programme - PDF

Current Race Information
KZN Combine: 15 SEPTEMBER 2018
North Race point: PIETERSBURG YRL
Coordinates: 23° 46' 35'' S
29° 31' 29'' E
Liberation time: 06:15
Weather: Good weather
West Race point: KIMBERLEY YRL
Coordinates: 28° 45' 12'' S
24° 45' 22'' E
Liberation time: 07:00
Weather: Weather is good

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