SANPO NOTICE: Avian Influenza Outbreak

29 August 2017

Please see below an important notice regarding the outbreak of avian influenza in the Western Cape, as released by the SANPO on 29 August 2017.

SANPO NOTICE: Avian Influenza Outbreak 29 August 2017


15 August 2017

Please see below some documents detailing news as released by the SANPO on 15 August 2017.

SANPO Constitution amendment regarding a decision on races over 1000km

SANPO News 15 August 2015

SANPO Junior Programme - Further details as referred to in News

Excel document for capturing SANPO Ring numbers as referred to in News

SANPO Merit Awards - 2010

Entries for SANPO Merit Awards have opened - the application forms for the various categories can be downloaded right here from the site, printed out, filled in and submitted to the committee of the KZN Racing Pigeon Union, who will evaluate each application for its merits.  Once the merit of an application has been validated, the form will be sent and submitted to the SANPO.  Please see the table below for the documents available for download.

Document Description

Document Download




Covering Letter with instructions on how to apply for merit awards /
Dekbrief met instruksies oor how om aansoek te doen vir meriete toekennings




Application Form: Racing Merit Awards /
Aansoekvorm: Wedvlug Meriete Toekennings




Application form: Administration Merit Awards /
Aansoekvorm: Administrasie Meriete Toekennings




Application Form: Showing Merit Awards /
Aansoekvorm: Skou Meriete Toekennings




Application Form: Show Judge Test /
Aansoekvorm: Skou Beoordelaar Toets




Application Form: Ladies Merit Awards /
Aansoekvorm: Dames Meriete Toekennings




Application Form: Best Racing Pigeon Awards /
Aansoekvorm: Beste Wedvlugduif Toekennings




Application Form: Best Junior Awards /
Aansoekvorm: Beste Junior Toekennings




Feedback from SANPO Congress

Please find below a word document with the feedback from the SANPO Congress on 4 & 5 April 2008 at East London.  Please feel free to download this document.

Feedback from SANPO Congress

SANPO Requests that all members register
28 May 2008

  • Below see an excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded from this site - the information of each member must be filled in on the spreadsheet and sent to the SANPO.
  • If the secretary of a club has all the information and the club is not too large, he/she can fill it in on behalf of the members.  In fact, this might be the advisable route, as the secretary should have all this info of all the members of the relevant club.
  • Please note: The ID number is a mandatory value for all members!
  • Once the information has been filled in, please e-mail the information to us - we will make this e-mail address available ASAP.

SANPO members registration spreadsheet

There is an online web site available for the SANPO where the information can be captured directly.

Steps to submit information online:

  1. Go to
  2. Move over the "Correspondences" button, then click on "Unique Database" in the drop down menu.
  3. Now click on the link indicating "Click here --> ZA Pigeon Database Lost & Found".
    Alternatively you can just click here to shortcut this step.
  4. Click on the link "Login User"
  5. Likely it's the first time you are visiting the site, so you need to register - click on "Password?". Then fill in all your details, including your chosen username, e-mail address, the Loft name and SANPO Loft No, then click on "Send".
  6. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Open your e-mail and check your inbox - find the one from the SANPO database and get your password from that e-mail.
  7. Now login with your username and password.
  8. You will need to enter your 13-digit ID number to get access.


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